About us

Dinka is a tribute to the 60's and the design language of that time. The name 'Dinka' itself is a now forgotten, swedish slang word for 'watch' and with a design that is kept on a simple, yet individualistic level.

The watches are classic, elegant and detailed in appearance, while the style is significantly more personal than the recent plain and expressionless suitwatches that can be seen all too often. The watches we offer are incredibly stylish, elaborate and detailed in their design and appearance, while maintaining a modern-vintage feel.

A feeling that will be sought at all costs due to our passion for the distinctive style of the 60´'s with its strong color choice, the Scandinavian design and the generally open design.

The offered timepieces are Dinka Björck, Becksvart and Stewart, where the main distinguishing elements are the design of the dials, which are offered in white, black and dark green. In addition with two different wathcbands, in black and brown leather.