About Dinka®

A watch, a Dinka, one of those that you have on the arm and that follows you wherever you go. A companion that accompanies many years, and many of which are changed frequently. We all have our own preferences about how it is to wear a watch, a Dinka.

We at Dinka love watches, so much so we've taken the old Swedish 1960s slang and made it our name. Schysst Dinka! is a slang for nice watch. That's how you should feel wearing a watch from Dinka. A classic watch with a modern twist that has that little extra that makes you feel extra happy and satisfied.

Modernism and ambition was something that symbolized the 1960s, and it is something that we like very much. It was created stunning designs in the 1960s. The austere and elegant costumes, watches that went to the moon and back. The list is long and it is here that we have been inspired to design and shape.

Design is something important and fundamental to Dinka and we have for a year been working on developing our first collection. The Swedish designer and designer Denise Leonéus has tackled Dinka with the mission to create to create a classic modern clock inspired by the 1960s. Her features designer's minimalist modern design with small subtle details. That is exactly what the Dinka represent and studied our clocks closer so it grows up with time. The most striking is the red second hand that has become a signature detail of the Dinka. We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together. We have created a beautiful, elegant yet modern watch that will become your new companion.

You should carry a Dinka too.

Dinka® is a registered trademark (No.: 530337).
Photo: Messisorder